Care Connection and Link for Care Joining Forces

We are pleased to announce that this Care Connection Website is joining forces with the Link for Care website of the KU Landon Center on Aging. We believe this new partnership will result in the most comprehensive data base of resources available for seniors and their caregivers when seeking services.
All of the service listings on the Care Connection Website, plus over 1,000 others, can now be found on the Link for Care Website https://www.linkforcare.org/


Care Connection is a free, online directory dedicated to providing seniors and their caregivers with easy access to quality information and resources to maintain one’s independence or provide the best care available

Our Services Listing

Our list of service providers was developed by members of our Community for All Ages Coalition, primarily by those who serve seniors every day. Clicking on Services will direct you to a list of service categories with information about specific service providers.

Free to Use – Feedback is Appreciated

One of the important features of this site is the opportunity to provide your feedback on the service provider you have utilized. So, while we provide this service free of charge we would greatly appreciate your feedback on a service provider you have utilized. Your feedback is crucial to ensure other caregivers and seniors can select the best service providers for their needs.

One Call Many Answers       816.444.1122             

The Shepherd’s Center is another crucial partner in our work. A no cost phone call to their Caregiver Institute can provide many answers regarding:

  • Healthcare Concerns and Resources
  • Referrals to Support and Services
  • Practical Advice
  • Stress Relief for You

So, if you would like to talk with someone about your loved one and the care they need please give them a call at 816.444.1122.

Other Resource Links

United Way 211 – dial 211 or go to http://uwgkc.bowmansystems.com/

Care Connection is an online directory of resources designed as a free community service to link older adults and caregivers of older adults to quality information. Service providers listed include non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, churches, service organizations, etc. This list of service providers was initially developed by those who serve older adults every day. A listing does not represent that the THCF or MCPL endorse these service providers. Please contact listings for additional information, costs and service area to meet your specific needs. This directory is periodically reviewed for errors, corrections, additions, deletions and commentary.



This website is provided by a partnership with the Truman Heartland Community Foundation (thcf.org) and the Mid-Continent Public Library (mymcpl.org).