About Us


This website is provided by a partnership with the Truman Heartland Community Foundation (thcf.org) and the Mid-Continent Public Library (mymcpl.org). In 2011 THCF formed the “Community for All Ages Coalition for Eastern Jackson County”. The purpose of the coalition is to ensure our Eastern Jackson County Community is collaboratively and proactively working together to ensure we are prepared for the challenges and opportunities created by a doubling of the age 65+ population in our community in the next 20 years.

One of the top priorities identified by the members of the Coalition was the need for quality information about services available for seniors that is easily accessible for seniors and their caregivers.

This website was developed to connect caregivers with information and resources to help them provide the best care possible for their loved ones, whether that is a spouse, a parent, a neighbor or friend. All types of service providers are listed including non-profit organizations, for profit businesses, churches, service organizations, etc.